The top massage therapies...

From a long time ago, massage therapies were used to reduce pain and stress on human body and muscle which usually caused by a hard activity or sports. Massage and therapies is some kind of steps on treating the patient body with some techniques to reduce paints and to return the function of the muscle so it can work properly again. The word massage itself came from the French word which normally means a repeatedly of kneading or rubbing the body. Nowadays, when technology has provided humans with so many medicine to cure their illness, massage therapies still become the most favorable solution for people to relax and bring their body condition when their sick or tired.

In each places or countries, traditional people always have their own method or their own massage therapies style which is different one another. For example, in Japan there is shiatsu, Indonesia we have Gurah and Balinese Massage and Traction massage in India. Each of those massage therapies basically has one goal which is to make the patient's body back to great form but they have different ways of do the massage and off course their own traditional oil or medicine which was used during the process.

When people choose massage therapies, normally because they feel that chemical medicine can give them a bad side effect to their body if they continuously eat or consume the medicine but massage therapies can give them less or even no bad side effect just the process will take longer than medicine and you should follow the procedure. When we eat or consume the medicine, the medicine will flow to the place where the disease occurs through our blood directly but in massage therapies, we should do some steps before the masseur can process to the center of the problem. Massage therapies work on our body, muscle and our circulatory by moving the tension or stress and smooth our blood circulation because when there is a problem with our blood circulation, it is easier for us to get sick.

One of common massage therapies which are common in every country around the world is Reflexology massage. This type of therapies is useful for people who suffer ankle injuries and when you feel your body is so tired because of work and daily activities. Most people did not know is that this type of therapies was coming from Swedish traditional massage for sporty people to heal and relax their foot and upper leg. The masseur will do some continuously massage around your foot and your calf using oil to release tired and pain from the foot. This massage is good for people who suffered ankle injury because of sport or people with rheumatics and gout. The length of the massage therapies process is depends on the problem you deal that's why it is better to consult with the therapist before you do the treatment.

Shiatsu, a Japanese traditional massage which has similarity with Chinese traditional massage Anma which focused on pressing the body of the patient to make the chi of the patients flow normally. Shiatsu massage is a massage therapy where the masseur uses their thumbs, palms or even the elbows to make or to push the body so the inner body healing power works and prevent the body from disease. But the main part which differentiates Shiatsu with other massage therapies is that there are 3 steps or session in Shiatsu which should be followed to reach top result and they are Circulatory, Mechanical and Energetic. There are several diseases and problems with our body which is better to be treat with Shiatsu massage and they are muscle problems, nervous system imbalances (such as insomnia, fatigue and stress), blood circulation problem and some issues for women.

And after we know the good effect of massage therapies treatment to our body and of course with less side effect, this can be a new solution for us to back to traditional treatment against disease because consume chemical medicine continuously can give our body bad side effects and these massage therapies are cheaper rather than doctor and medicine. So if you feel that your body is not on a good shape, you can contact the massage therapies center on your city or try to get their contact from the Internet.